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Meet Janine from JW Facial Aesthetics

Hi I am Janine Waterfall and I am a Dental Therapist, medically trained in Facial Aesthetics. I have worked within dentistry for over 10+ years and gained her B(Sc) Degree with Honours in Dental Hygiene & Therapy in 2017. With a keen interest in facial aesthetics, I have since trained, as an Aesthetic Practitioner, providing Anti-ageing services, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo treatments, Chemical Peels and more.

My role is to offer all of my clients a tailored care package that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I like to think I provide high quality and safe care with your best interests always at the forefront. This is the dental side of things instilled in me and my nature 100%. I love my client base I feel very lucky to have loyal and regular clients already and if you would like to see me, rest assured I do not rush in my clinic, there is no conveyor belt system with me.

I also have a fantastic colleague and friend Alicia who joins me or myself joining her on Wednesdays working together to do combined treatments. We decided this was a great idea as our treatment lists compliment each other and also working together is such fun. Clients love it too we have had great feedback.

Away from work I am mum to a beautiful son Austin who is currently 2yrs old. I am also expecting a 2nd child (4months pregnant). I have a wonderful husband Craig who is into his carpentry and music. We also own a Photobooth hire business together which is fun. I love a bit of variety as this keeps me going in life, like many I get bored easily so like to dabble in many things. Science is my passion however and anything medical just calls to me. I also love anything space and astrology and have recently bought a telescope which is great fun!! I buy all of the books but never sit down and read them so certainly a beginner at anything physics. Biology is my bag.

Back to work, taking a holistic approach, I also offer a range of skincare products to assist in the maintenance of your flawless skin. In order to improve your skin complexion I can offer you nutritional and cosmetic advice as part of your tailored care plan too. I love this side of things as I have always struggled with my skin too. Particularly mine was always ok until my late 20s and then became dry. I have spent years trying to find great products but a simple realistic regime to do daily as I don't want to soend over 3 mins on this daily!! Thankfully I have found and my skin always feels great. I can speak to you about my journey anytime if you have issues with your skin.

If you'd like to have a chat then get in touch about any treatments. I like to think I am super friendly and approachable.

Written & Edited by Janine Waterfall

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