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An Innovative Anti-Ageing Treatment


Improving your skins complexion, volume and elasticity

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What is Profhilo?

 Profhilo is an injectable treatment that intensively moisturises your skin from the inside out. It is packed full of Hyaluronic Acid which instantly hydrates your skin and gradually remodels, improving your skins complexion, volume and elasticity. Profhilo is often referred to as the injectable glow and works on remodelling areas of crepey skin by stimulating the cells within your skin to produce new collagen, elastin, adipose tissue and this can firm your skins texture considerably. 

“Anyone who presents with signs of skin ageing and is suitable for dermal filler treatment is also suitable for treatment with Profhilo. Once injected, the product immediately starts spreading due to the high concentration of HA and its cohesive nature. The BAP technique is an extremely effective and simple technique to use for injectors who are not comfortable with the use of cannulas.”

Dr Emma Ravichandran

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I have designed a FREE guide to Profhilo for you answering many questions that are often asked.
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Janine Waterfall Facial Aesthetics offers you a medically trained Aesthetic Practitioner and accredited professional, administering Botulinum Toxin injections, Dermal Fillers and Profhilo treatments.



"Janine is amazing at what she does and is always very attentive to me. She is great at explaining things and manages to calm my nerves every time as I am a nervous patient."


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